Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Your partner in Real Estate since 1992

Flemmer Real Estate was founded in 1992 by Ryck Flemmer after Ryck found himself unemployed due to layoffs in the oil and gas industry.

At this time, Ryck & his wife Donna decided that they didn’t want to work for someone else ever again, so they started looking at small business opportunities. Ryck and Donna decided to sell their home so that they would have the money to pursue the right opportunity. Ryck’s conservative nature limited their opportunities because he didn’t want to go into a great deal of debt for the new business venture. While they were selling their house, Ryck and Donna met several realtors who were impressed with Ryck’s analytical nature and suggested that Ryck would make a great realtor.

Aptitude tests confirmed Ryck’s suitability for the industry, but there was one more roadblock. Salespeople are typically very outgoing and Ryck was not. Ryck would have to step outside his comfort zone in many ways. He made sure to work harder than everybody else to achieve his goals. It was a daunting task for Ryck & Donna, to risk everything on a full commission job with such a young family. Their boys were only 3 and 6 years old. After much discussion about the nature of the job and the hours require they made the decision to jump into real estate together. They took $30,000 from their home sale and put it in the bank. “When this runs out, we’ll admit defeat.”

That first year Ryck worked morning, noon, and night. Cold calls, door knocking, and 12 hour days became the norm. Ryck always remembered to be home for dinner every night, before going back to work. Because of the downturn in the economy, they barely scraped by that first year. They only survived because Donna went back to work at the TD bank for the next few years.

Friday nights were family night at the pool, and Ryck always made time to be at soccer and hockey games. Ryck would sneak home in between appointments even if he only had 30 mins to spend time with the boys. They always picked a bike ride down the “owl path” which is now part of the paths by the river in Cimmaron Estates subdivision.

As the boys grew older the family schedule got busier and busier, but Ryck never missed a game. He would show up right at game time and leave immediately afterwards. He even managed both boys’ hockey teams one year. Another realtor once said to Drew “your dad must have missed everything you did,” Drew’s reply was “not unless we forgot to put it in Dad’s diary.”

Sunday nights became parent junior golf night at the local golf course all summer long. The high school years were spent chaperoning the boy’s volleyball and badminton teams at all their tournaments, and it became Ryck and Donna’s social life. One of the most important things the family did was meet for breakfast on Sunday mornings. The extended Flemmer family met every Sunday for more than 15 years to have breakfast at a local restaurant in Okotoks. There was anywhere from 4 to 12 family members on any given Sunday. Ryck never booked work before 11am on a Sunday so that this tradition could continue.

Ryck’s favorite quote has always been “I’m a great believer in luck, and the harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Over the past 30 years the Flemmer’s real estate business has grown 10-fold and they regularly receive awards from Century 21 for being some of the most productive agents in Canada. In 2013 Ryck ranked #19 in all of Canada among 5000+ C21 Realtors. Drew joined Ryck in a supportive role back in 2008 and has since taken over the majority of the business. The team consistently produces at a Centurion level which is one of Century 21’s most coveted awards. Drew’s wife Amy was an accomplished realtor in her own right, and she joined the team in 2020. Flemmer real estate has continued to grow and adapt the ever-changing business landscape, but one thing has remained the same. This is a family business, we work hard, and we take care of those around us. If you’re looking for an amazing real estate experience, just ask for the Flemmer’s because when you work with us, you’re family.


Ryck Flemmer

Our fearless leader and knower of all thing’s real estate! He’s the guy we turn to whenever we’ve got questions. Ryck has been selling real estate in Okotoks and Calgary for over 30 years!

With Ryck’s dedication and focus on the Okotoks area, the Flemmers have become the go-to local experts. The Flemmers have consistently sold more homes in Okotoks than anyone else over the last 10 years!

Ryck has a traditional approach, and loves meeting his clients in person to use pen and paper. His guidance is calm, insightful, and rich with expertise.

When Ryck isn’t working, he loves to travel with his wife Donna. They also enjoy getting in about 60 rounds of golf every year!


Drew Flemmer

The center of our business and the main point of contact for most clients. After 15 years of practice Drew’s skill and expertise are second to none. If you’re new to this, and you need someone to walk you through the entire process, he will guide you through meticulously.

Drew specializes in working with first-time buyers and sellers. Drew is often the go-to guy for other agents in our office, taking on a mentorship role and answering all their questions.

Drew grew up in Okotoks and considers himself to be born and raised here even though there were a few years spent in Calgary along the way. Drew has always been interested in sports, and when he’s not answering his phone, his hobbies include volleyball, badminton, snow boarding, and scuba diving. He plays volleyball or badminton most weeks and Drew also loves to host and entertain his friends as he’s an excellent cook. Travel is a big part of Drew’s life and he hopes to continue making it a priority.


Amy Flemmer

Whether you are buying or selling, Amy knows the ins and outs of the real estate process. After 10 years in the industry, working with many different clients, she truly understands what approach to take in each situation. Amy offers staging assistance to her clients and for the team, helping get our clients homes looking show home ready so that they sell fast. She is able to assist with strategically planning your next move.

Amy grew up in Salmon Arm and remembers the wonderfully slow pace and the tightly knit community. She moved to Calgary with her mother and 3 siblings in 2001. She has enjoyed getting back to a slower pace of life in the beautiful town of Okotoks. Amy joined the Flemmer team a few years after marrying Drew.

When she’s not in the office, Amy enjoys traveling, grabbing a coffee and going shopping, and trying new activities. She’s always up for an adventure and loves to explore! Her favourite city in the world is Paris.


Taylor Strome

Taylor is the newest member of our team, and she is exceptional at connecting with her clients! She’s a licensed realtor who assists our team behind the scenes as she learns the ropes from the Flemmers.

Taylor is a homegrown Albertan, born and raised in the small town of Turner Valley. She has always had a strong passion for the Real Estate industry, which led her to major in Real Estate Studies while she completed her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Calgary. Knowing and understanding the industry is only one small part of her role as your Real Estate Agent.

For the latter part of the past decade, Taylor has worked for a world-renowned restaurant known for its exceptional customer service. She plans to take what she has learned in the hospitality industry to go above and beyond when meeting her client’s needs. If you’re looking for an amazing experience look no further, Taylor looks forward to working with you!

Trusted For Service, Respected For Results.